CfP Conference "The Hieronymite Musical and Liturgical Tradition within the European Context (14th-16th c.)"

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Océane Boudeau
Date de l'évènement
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Appel à communication/Call for papers

Présentation générale

Inspired by Franciscan spirituality, the Order of Saint Jerome was founded in the fourteenth century and settled in Castile and Portugal. During the fifteenth century, the number of Hieronymite houses increased thanks to the patronage of ecclesiastical and temporal authorities. This conference will focus on the music and liturgy of this Iberian Order, along with its relationships and the concerns of its time. A special focus will be given to musical and liturgical books, whether manuscripts or prints, being Hieronymite or not.
Susan Boynton (Columbia University) will give a Keynote paper.

Papers may address, but are not limited to, the following topics:
- Choir books and printed books: production, uses, hybridizations.
- Late pre-Trent plainchant.
- Mensural notation of plainchant: notation and performance issues.
- Decoration and codicological aspects of the liturgical books.
- Relationships of the Hieronymite Order with the Iberian Crowns and the Holy See.
- Spiritual, artistic, musical or political influences on the Hieronymite Order in time and space.