5th International Congress Med y Ren 2023: Musical Crossroads

Auteur de l'annonce
Océane Boudeau
Date de l'évènement
Type d'évènement
Appel à communication/Call for papers

Présentation générale

In recent decades, knowledge about Iberian music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance has undergone substantial progress. On the one hand, scientific activity has been notably enriched thanks
to the initiative of various research groups and institutions, as well as to the growing commitment to
the dissemination of the results, not only in specialised academic forums, but also through concerts
or divulgative activities among broad sectors of society. Likewise, the perspectives for research have
increased considerably. Without leaving aside the traditional works on sources, repertoires or
institutions, the irruption of new technologies and the greater openness towards decidedly
interdisciplinary methodological approaches have breathed new life into the discipline. This crossdisciplinary vocation is precisely the guiding principle of the 5th International MEDyREN
Conference, which it has been chosen the title "musical crossroads" as a way of bearing witness to
this. We hope that the new edition will stimulate a high quality scientific exchange on all kinds of
topics related to medieval and Renaissance music in the Iberian Peninsula. This title is also a faithful
reflection of the special idiosyncrasy of Zamora at that time: an enclave located at the intersection of
important communication routes between Castile and Portugal.